Premiere Performances March 10, 2019

Mary Vanderslice, Co-Chair:
Seung-Mee Oh, Co-Chair:

Premier Performances is a unique, formal recital offered for high-achieving students, dedicated to excellence, sponsored each year in the spring by AMTA.  Each teacher is allowed to enter at least one student from their studio, or one ensemble from their studio, preferably at an intermediate-advance level.  All solo music should be standard performance repertoire (contemporary ok, if educational composer, no popular, and must be memorized.  Ensemble music need not be memorized.  Please read and refer to the rules and guidelines for Premier Performances below.

Recital Date:       March 10, 2019

Aurora Central Library

14949 E. Alameda Parkway

Aurora, CO  80012
Entry Form:     2019 Prem Perf Recital Entry Form

Entry Deadline Date: Friday, February 8, 2019 AMTA meeting
Registration Fee: 
There is no registration fee for AMTA students.
For students of non-AMTA teachers, the fee is $10.00

Entry Fee:  Non-AMTA teachers will pay a flat fee of $20 for the event.

NOTE: Students and their families are expected to observe AMTAStudent Recital Performance Etiquette & AMTA Student Recital Audience Etiquette when attending all AMTA related recitals.

For those unable to open any of the documents, feel free to contact event Chair.

Guidelines for Performances include:
1.  No audio, video recording, or photos are permitted during any of the performances.
2.  Each performance shall consist of a single selection with one movement constituting a single selection.  All solo performances shall be memorized. Ensembles are permitted to use printed music.
3.  Performers are to arrive at least  15 minutes early to check in with their teacher, as well as the Chair of the event.
4.  The dress for the event is formal with dresses or a suit and tie being appropriate attire.
5.  Performance etiquette is expected including bowing before and after each performance.
6.  The audience will remain seated during each performance.

Teachers Guidelines include:
1. Participating teachers will be assigned a duty to be completed the day of the event.  Teachers unable to complete this assigned duty for the day of the event must find a qualified, willing substitute (other AMTA member)  and notify the Premier Performances Chair.  Failure to assist the day of the event, or provide a willing substitute to assist the day of the event may result in disqualification from Premier Performances the following year. 
2.  Teachers are encouraged to acknowledge each of their student’s performances with a rose, boutonniere, or similar gift.
3. Teachers will assist in assuring no movement in and out of the recital room occurs during a performance.

2017 Participating Teachers included:
Grace Christus          Anna Lutsky
Carol Condit              Lou Novak
Thayne Larsen          Evan Pilate
Larisa Lewis             Mary Vanderslice

2016 Participating Teachers included:
Anna Arzumanyan        Anna Lutsky
Grace Christus                Evan Pilate
Linda Combellick           Rachel Sheron
Thayne Larsen                 Mary Vanderslice
Larisa Lewis                     Catherine Williams