Composition Festival January 13, 2019

Uri Ayn Rovner, Chair:

Since 1993 AMTA Composition Festivals provide students of AMTA teachers the opportunity to create, write, record, and perform their own compositions.  Each year’s recital is scheduled for the month of January.  Students may elect to enter the festival for critique only, and not play in the recital.

AMTA is always proud of the students who take the extra time for this project, and display their music writing skills.  Each year a Colorado published composer critiques each composition with encouraging and informative comments.  Comment sheets are returned at the recital in January.

Composition Festival Recital, January 13, 2019:


 These young composers performed their original works for an audience of families and teachers. 

Participating Teachers included Stacy Fahrion, Seung-Mee Oh, Larisa Lewis, and Uri Ayn Rovner.  The Colorado Composer for this festival was Deborah De La Torre. 
The program of original compositions included not only student compositions, but also original compositions by teachers Stacy Fahrion, Seung-Mee Oh, and Uri Ayn Rovner:


Entry Deadline:                      December 14, 2018  to Uri Ayn Rovner
Festival Recital Date:            January 13, 2019 2:00 pm
Festival Recital Location:    Aurora Central Library
                                                          14949 E. Alameda Parkway Community Room
                                                          Aurora, CO  80012      
Registration Fee:                     $20.00 per AMTA Student/2019

                                                          $30.00 per non-AMTA teacher student/2019
Teacher Entry Fee:                  Non-AMTA teachers only will pay a flat fee of $35 per studio
2019 AMTA Composition Festival Chair:  Uri Ayn Rovner

To participate in the Composition Festival, teachers remit student compositions and information to the Composition Festival Chair, as described below, by the December deadline.  Compositions are then sent by the Chair to a selected Colorado Composer who will offer written comments for each composition.  All participating students are invited to perform their original compositions at the Festival Recital on January 13, 2019.  Performance in the Festival is not mandatory.  Compositions and comment forms are returned to students a the January recital.  A certificate of participation and an award medal are presented to each composer at the Festival Recital.

To Enter Students, Teachers will complete either of the following:
    1.  Email to the Composition Festival Chair by December 14th Deadline:
             * Student name, composition name, teacher,
             * Performance status in the Festival Recital (Yes or No)
             * Uploaded sound recording file of the student composition.
             * Attached document of the composition manuscript.
             * Mail a $20 check (made to AMTA) per composition to composition chair, or bring to December AMTA meeting.
     2.  Mail or Hand Deliver a Large Envelope /per student, to Composition Festival Chair by the December 14th Deadline, containing:
              * Student name, composition name, teacher.
              * Performance status in the Festival Recital (Yes or No).
              * Two Copies of Composition Manuscript.
              * Sound Recording of  Composition.
              * $20 check made to AMTA

NOTE:   Please inform your students and their families as to AMTA Student Recital Audience Etiquette & AMTA Student Recital Performance Etiquette When performing in any recital related to AMTA events, teachers are expected to share and educate their students/families as to performance and audience guidelines when attending recitals.

SCROLL down to see photos from our 2018 Composition Festival. Last year, AMTA’s 2018 Composition Festival, held at the Aurora Central Library, enjoyed compositions from these 9 young composers, representing 5 of our member teachers:  Michael Castro, Stacy Fahrion, Jerome Gilmer, Uri Ayn Rovner, and Catherine Williams. Students entering the festival earn a medal and the opportunity to share their music in performance for other young composers at the recital.  Here is a group shot of the students  including three AMTA members, Jerome Gilmer, Uri Ayn Rovner, and Michael Castro.

Here are 2018 guest Colorado Composer Shane Mosser , AMTA Member and Composition Festival Chair, Uri Ayn Rovner, and his student Mia Halliday.


Student Compositions from our January 2017 Recital: 

       Student                   Composition Title        Teacher
       Kiandra Phelps         Melodies of Hope             Catherine Williams
       Ryker Phelps             Fire Truck at the Fair      Catherine Williams
       Valliappan Chidambaram     Untitled               Dr. Lou Novak
       Jeremy Levy              Skiing                                  Uri Ayn Rovner
        Joshua Zach             Waves                                  Kerry Cottingham
       Annie Faulkner         Sunny Day                          Cynthia Allor
       William Martens      A Bruxelles                         Uri Ayn Rovner
        Owen Pick                Hello December                 Mike Castro
        Christian Caruso     Invisible Jazz                     Mike Castro
        Jordan Graham       Tears from the Moon       Uri Ayn Rovner
        Nako Han Thong     Muffin’s Bounce Waltz    Dr. Lou Novak
        Elaina Lyons            Electric Beat                       Kerry Cottingham

Photo, from left to right, of Guest Colorado Composer Andrew Halladay, Teacher Uri Ayn Rovner, with student William Martens at the piano.