Four Forms Festival February 23 & 24, 2019

Carol Condit, Co-Chair:    
Mary Vanderslice, Co-Chair:

Designed as an informal competition, AMTA’s Four Forms Festival provides students the opportunity to prepare one selection from the repertoire list and perform for a judge.  Winners are invited to perform in the Honors Recital the following day with an awards ceremony.

Please find FFF details and rules below pictures. 

From left to right are Lilia Stocking, Level 3 student, Judge David Genova, Teacher Uri Ayn Rovner,
and Anya Stocking, Level 1 student. Lilia and Anya are piano students of AMTA member Josée Seier,
and trumpet students of AMTA member Uri Ayn Rovner.

Students above performed on Sunday at the Honors’ Recital,
where Winners’ medals and Honorable Mention ribbons were awarded.

CONGRATULATIONS go to these 2019 Four Forms Festival WINNERS :
Level 1 Piano:   Zachary Muniz           First Jazz Suite            by Vandall
                                Kyan Thompson        Snappy Sonatina          by Noona
Level 2 Piano:
  Nam McCush             Sonatina in G                by George
                                Anya Cherryholmes Sonatina in C                 by Latour
                                Eliza Monson            Soggy Sonatina              by Stevens
                                Sanjana Kumpati     Second Jazz Suite          by Vandall
Level 3 Piano:
  Linhvy Nguyen         Sonatina No. 2 in G        by Latour
                                Hanna Lee                 Sonatina Op. 57, No. 4    by Biehl
                                Michael Gunawan    Woodland Sonatina        by Vandall
                                Lilia Stocking            Sonatina Op. 39, No. 1    by Lynes

Level 4 Piano: 
Colleen Kelly             Sonatina in D                    by Camidge
                                Jessica Wiriadinata Sonatina Op. 55, No. 1     by Kuhlau
Level 5 Piano:  Lauren Campbell     Sonatina Op. 20, No. 1     by Kuhlau
Level 7 Piano: 
Briana Chen             Sonatina in C                      by Khachaturian
Level 8 Piano:  Sophia Narsia          Russian Song with Variations by Gurilyov
Elementary String:     Zack Song     Concerto in B Minor           by Rieding 
Intermediate String:
Alex James   La Folia                                  by Corelli
Advanced String:        Angie Velazco Sonata No. 4                       by Handel

… and to these 2019 HONORABLE MENTIONS:
Level 1 Piano:  Anya Stocking             Summer Sonatina                   by Bastien
Level 2 Piano:  Elaine Sudibyo           Petite Sonatina                         by Agay

Level 3 Piano Benjamin Wu             Sonatina Op. 208, No. 1          by Schmitt
Level 4 Piano: Gale Khayut                 Sonatina in G                            by Koehler
Level 5 Piano: Paige Montgomery     Sonatina in G Op. 168, No. 2  by Diabelli
Level 6 Piano:  Mya Howell                Sonata Op. 49, No. 2                by Beethoven
Level 6 Piano:  Kiandra Phelps          Sonata in G, No. 27                   by Haydn
Elementary String:
   Levi Swain          Cuckoo                   Polish Traditional Song

Sunday’s Honors’ Recital Program:
    FFF 2019 Program cover
    FFF 2019 program inside

Teachers entering students in the 2019 festival included:
Cynthia Allor, Anna Arzumanyan, Michael Castro,
Grace Christus, Carol Condit, Kerry Cottingham, Thayne Larsen,
Larisa Lewis, Anna Lutsky, Seung-Mee Oh, Uri Ayn Rovner,
Don Satterfield, Josée Seier, & Catherine Williams.

This event was made possible by our AMTA member volunteers.
AMTA is grateful to Chairs Carol Condit and Mary Vanderslice  for organizing this event, as well as Uri Ayn Rovner who offered his Calliope Music Studios for the Saturday auditions.
Carol Condit, Chair                            Mary Vanderslice, Chair

Uri Ayn Rovner shares event            Thayne Larsen  always lends a
photos with Grace Christus.              helping hand with expert advice.

Mike Castro greets students            Cat Williams and son Augustine
as they register.                                  add a cheerful smile to help put students at ease.

Thank you to AMTA member Jerome Gilmer for his photographs.

Honors Recital Date & Location:
Sunday, February 24, 2019    
Begins at 2:00 pm.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.
Wash Park UCC
400 S. Williams St.
Denver, CO
Park in lot across from church at corner of Williams and Dakota.
Please do not park in front of anyone’s home.

Registration Deadline: 
Friday, January 11, 2019 at the AMTA meeting
Bring to AMTA meeting at the Aurora Central Library

Competition Date & Location: 
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Calliope Music Studios

2600 S. Parker Road  Building 7, Suite  170  
Aurora, CO  80014          
Honors Recital Date & Location:
Sunday, February 24, 2019
Wash Park UCC
400 S. Williams St.

Denver, CO

Students of AMTA Members:


Levels 1-3  $25.00 
Levels 4-8  $30.00  
Flute and Violin
Beginning Level  $25.00      
Intermediate and Adv. $30.00
Students of Non-AMTA Members:
Levels 1-3  $35.00      
Levels 4-8  $40.00

Flute & Violin: 
Beginning Level  $35.00    
Intermediate and Adv. $40.00
Teacher entry fee is $35/studio no matter how many student participate.

2019 FFF Registration Form

2019 Evaluation Form Piano
2019 Evaluation Form Violin 
2019 Evaluation Form Instrumentalist
Teachers be sure to write your AMTA directory number on the back of the registration form in the upper right hand corner on each  form.  Non-AMTA teachers will write their initials in a box  on the back of the form.  ALL EVALUATION forms are turned in at time of registration deadline. 

By entering students in this festival, all teachers, whether AMTA members, or non-AMTA teachers, agree to comply with the FFF Standing Rules:  2019 Standing Rules FFF Standing Rules
1. All registration forms and fees must be submitted to the Four Forms Festival Chair at the January 11, 2019 AMTA meeting on the registration deadline date.
Non-AMTA teachers will be charged a flat fee of $35 to enter students, no matter how many students are entered. Students of non-AMTA teachers will pay the registration fees according to the website postings above.
2. All participating teachers must:
Complete and return registration form on time.
Complete and return evaluation forms for each student at time of registration deadline.
Write their directory number on the back of each evaluation form in the upper right hand corner.
Help with Festival jobs on the day of the festival.
Be responsible for communicating all necessary information to their students.
Be responsible for proofreading the student schedule and notifying scheduler of corrections.
Choose repertoire from the approved Four Forms Repertoire List.
Submit new repertoire for consideration to the Chair by September 30th.
3. To compete in the Four Forms Competition, students must follow these rules according to LEVEL:
Perform a work in it’s entirety, unless otherwise indicated.
Memorize all parts of work that will be performed.
A Maximum Performance Time Limit of 12 minutes will be upheld.
Students will be unequivocally stopped at the maximum performance time limit, but will not be penalized for incompletion. Only the memorized sections of a work are eligible for the Honors Recital Performance.
Performance and memorization for Level 6 students, of a work according to the form, is listed below.:
Sonata and Sonatinas:
1. Repertoire Requirements:
Minimum of two movements must be performed.
All movements of the Sonata need not be performed, unless there are only
two movements.
2. Memorization:
The first Movement must be memorized.
Additional movements may be performed with music.
Prelude and Fugue:
1. Repertoire Requirements:
Prelude and Fugue will be performed in it’s entirety.
2. Memorization:
Either the Prelude or the Fugue must be memorized.
Student may use music on the selection which is not memorized.

2018/2019 Piano FFF Repertoire list all levels Rvsd 2018
2018 Piano FFF Repertoire list all levels
2018 Violin FFF Repertoire list
2018 Flute FFF Repertoire List

2019 FFF Letter of Invitation
 2019 FFF Parent Letter Final


To help prepare students, teachers may find this monthly timeline helpful

Students must enter at a specified level and perform from memory a selection from the leveled repertoire list (see below).  Included in the repertoire list are the four forms:  sonatas/sonatinas, suites, theme and variations, and prelude and fugues.  Judges give written comments and signed certificates for each student and select winners and honorable mentions who perform the following day at the Winners Recital Awards Ceremony.  For piano, there are eight levels in which to enter.  For violin and flute, the levels include beginning, intermediate, and advanced.

Depending on the level, students must memorize an entire work, such as a sonatina, or a percentage of the work.  Our 2016 festival is open to piano, violin, and flute students only.  Leveling is not age dependent.  Piano students chosen as winners must advance to the next level the following year. 

The Four Forms Festival is the only competition sponsored by AMTA exclusively.  Students compete against one another within the level in which they have entered.
Winners are chosen by the listening judge who may choose more than one winner depending on the number of entrants. 

Each student receives a written evaluation of their performance.  Judges include positive suggestions for improvements and offer additional comments to guide student and teacher alike.  See forms below.  Teachers are responsible for preparing evaluation forms for each of their students.  These forms are turned in at the same time as the registration form.  Be sure to write your directory number on the back of each form in the upper right hand corner.  If you are not sure of your directory number, contact Cynthia Allor.

Judges choose which movement, or selection for the winner to perform at the recital.  Due to time, entire pieces are not performed at the recital. Winners are awarded medals.  Honorable Mentions are encouraged to attend the recital in the event that a winner is unable to attend.  All Honorable Mentions receive ribbons. 

NOTE: Students and their families are expected to observe AMTA Student Recital Audience Etiquette & AMTA Student Recital Performance Etiquette when attending all AMTA related recitals.
Please inform your students and their families of these protocols.

Here is the program for the Honor’s Recital Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017:
Honors Recital program