Awards & Scholarships

Kerry Cottingham and Marie Clark, Chairs 

 Two times a year AMTA accepts scholarship applications from students of AMTA teachers.  If accepted, students may receive financial awards for such activities as state and national competitions, university tuition or books, summer camps, workshops, and more.

NEW APPLICATION DATE!!   DEADLINE is December 15, 2018.
To apply, students respond to the following five items in writing :

1.  How long have you studied music?
2.  List other musical activities in which you have participated (school, church, social).
3.  How will this scholarship be used?
4.  Why would you like to receive this scholarship?
5.  List the total cost of the activity for which you are applying and list the amount of the scholarship which you are requesting.

Once the student has received the scholarship award, AMTA would of course, appreciate hearing back from the student with a thank you note.

Please include one recommendation from someone other than your teacher or your parents, who is familiar with your musical achievements and background.