Adult Potluck Café May 5, 2019

Thayne Larsen, Chair:

We all know that adult students have different needs from your younger students.  After all, adults choose to take lessons because they want to learn and pay for the lessons themselves.  Although some adult students may not feel comfortable performing in your studio’s regular student recitals with the younger students, perhaps they would enjoy performing in a more relaxed café-style environment with their peers.

Date:         Sunday, May 5, 2019
Time:        2:00 pm
Location:   Aurora Central Library
Chair:  Thayne Larsen:

Spring 2019 Flyer:    Spring Adult Potluck 2019                 
Registration Form:   No form is required, however a studio head count prior to the event is needed for set-up purposes. Please notify Thayne Larsen, Chair:
Registration Fee: There is no entry fee for AMTA students.  Students of non-AMTA teachers will pay $10.00 registration fee.  Additionally, their teacher will pay a flat entry fee of $20.

Adult students are asked to bring a dish.  See Flyer for details.

Twice a year, AMTA ‘s adult students gather on a Sunday afternoon to share a potluck dish and to perform their choice of music.  Adult students arrive to find the library meeting room transformed into a cafe-style set-up.    They visit with other adult students, make new friends, and when they feel ready, the adult student may choose to perform.  Some less confident students may choose not to perform at all and that’s OK too.  Eventually, however, they may change their mind once others have taken to the spotlight, and find they enjoy performing. Whatever the outcome, this opportunity is for the adult student to perform among sympathetic friends and to enjoy the relaxed environment.

Children in grades K-12 are not allowed either as performers or audience members at the adult potluck event!

Hence the ADULT POTLUCK, a la Café-style.