Achievement Day Overview

For details and forms for AMTA Achievement Day 2018, please go to this page:

1.  To recognize and encourage achievement in music study in a non-competitive performance event.

2.  To encourage students to prepare and display individual music related talents by selecting from several options.
3.  To support and guide the teachers in the effort to provide a quality music education for each student.

This festive, non-competitive event is an opportunity to celebrate a student’s musical accomplishments as they progress through 12 levels of musicianship.  It is one of AMTA’s most popular student activities.  In addition to performing music for a teacher-listener, students may participate in a music themed arts exhibit, perform in a recital, enjoy the game room, test themselves in theory & sight-reading, and observe a Master Class.   There are many options from which to choose.  Performance instruments may include piano, guitar, strings, woodwinds, brass, or voice.

Student may enter as “Regular Achievers” to earn a certificate OR they may  excel at a higher standard and enter as a “Super Achiever” and earn a certificate and a medal.  Both categories perform privately for a teacher listener who provides written comments.

Regular Achievers
  * Must perform two selections of contrasting styles.
  * One selection must be memorized, the other does not need to be memorized.     
  *  Must name key of each selection and play scale.
  * Must complete 2 additional options from any of the 3 Option Categories.
     Options do not have to be at the performance level.
Super Achievers:
AMTA 2018 AD Super Achiever Guidelines
  * Must perform two selections of contrasting styles from memory, for piano students. 
  *  For other instruments, only one selection need be memorized.
  * Must name key of each selection and perform scale of each selection according to performance level option requirements.
  *  Must complete 4 options.
See OPTIONS below.
      ~ At least one of the four options must be from the Option A: Technique category and played at the performance level.
        ~ A second option must be from Option B: Musical Knowledge Testing category and must be taken at same level as the performance level.
         ~ The other two options may be chosen from any of the three OPTION categories Technique, Musical Knowledge Testing, and/or Related Category and completed at the performance level
  *  Must perform in an AMTA Achievement Day Recital.

Please be sure to read through the
AMTA 2018 AD Super Achiever Guidelines in order to gain a fuller picture of the Super Achiever requirements.

There are 12 pre-collegiate levels of achievement plus a preparatory level for pre-school and earliest beginning students. Students enter at the level of their repertoire, however teachers may adjust the option levels according to each student’s abilities.  To gain a better sense of the level in which to place your student, see the CSMTA Achievement Day General Guidelines:
Piano:    page 7  
Guitar:   page 8-10
Voice:     page 11   
Flute:     page 12   
Violin:    page 13   
Saxophone:  page 14
Guidelines for performance levels and music-related options, including written and aural tests, are found in the

  AD Option List
A.Technique Options:
     A.1 Scales:  Levels Prep through Level 12:  Option A.1 Scales
     A.2 Arpeggios:  Levels Prep through Level 12:  Option A.2 Arpeggios
     A.3 Chords:  Levels Prep through Level 12: Option  A.3 Chords
B. Musical Knowledge Test Options: 
     B.1 Theory Tests: Prep A through Level 12: See CSMTA website for practice tests
     B.2 Terms & Signs Tests:  Prep through Level 12:  See CSMTA website for practice tests   Scroll down page to find practice tests.
Note the practice test materials are licensed to CSMTA, must be attributed to CSMTA,  and may not be used for commercial purposes nor altered.

Although Ear-Training and Music History practice tests are available on the CSMTA website, these two testing options are not available with AMTA in 2018.
C. Related Options: 

     C.1. Additional piece.  Memorization is optional.
     C.2  Sight-reading:  Piano Levels 1-11
     C.3  Improvisation:  no leveling developed
     C.4  Play from a Lead Sheet:  Piano, Level 1-6
     C.5  Collaborative Performance: Prepare and perform with another student
     C.6  Performance on a Second Instrument:  Other than instrument used for required pieces
     C.7 Transposition:  Piano, Level 1-8
     C.8  Original Composition
     C.9  Written Project:  report, research paper, poem, scrapbook, story or other       
     C.10 Art or Constructed Project: Related to music

     C.11  Dance:  Prepare and Perform a dance during a recital on Achievement Day
     C.12  Other:  Master Class Observation: AD 2018 Master Class Form Option Form

While attending Achievement Day, students also have the opportunity to perform in a recital, participate in the the music game room where they win prizes, observe a master class, and enjoy the display of artwork and other projects.
Piano Master Class: 
Contact Uri Ayn Rovner:

Observing the Piano Master Class may be used by students as Option # 12.   Although students performing for the Master Class are piano students, students of any instrument are invited to attend.  The MC is designed to teach students in performance and technical skills while addressing the entire audience.  Students performing in the Master Class are identified ahead of time by their teacher and the AMTA Achievement Day Master Class Coordinator.  Super Achievers performing in the Master Class,  may also use their MC performance to fulfill the AMTA Super Achiever Recital requirement.  In order for students who are observing the MC to fulfill option #12, they will need to attend the MC and complete the MC Option form for credit, AD 2018 Master Class Form Option Form
Game Room:
The game room at Achievement Day is one of the most popular activities for the younger students.  Students play music jeopardy, earning points toward choosing from the many prizes.  The Game Room runs throughout the day. There are no assigned times.  Walk-ins are welcome.
Art Room:
Enjoy the many projects students have created, in the Art Room Exhibit. Projects range from written reports, to original compositions, artwork, and construction projects.  Each project receives a ribbon, and outstanding  projects receive special award ribbons.
Recital Room:
The Achievement Day Recital provides an opportunity for students to perform from memory for others as well as perform their original compositions.  Super Achievers are required to perform in one recital. Special seals are applied to any participating student’s certificate once the recital is completed.  Students and their families are expected to observe  AMTA Student Recital AudienceEtiquette AMTA Student Recital Performance Etiquette when attending all AMTA related recitals. Recitals run all day long.