Achievement Day Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cynthia Allor, Co-Chair:
Josee Seier, Co-Chair:

For a more general overview of AMTA Achievement Day purpose, structure, and requirements, please go to the previous page:

Once again, AMTA hosted their annual fall Achievement Day with numerous activities, lots of students, and plenty of teachers who helped make the event fun and festive.

Emcee Uri Ayn Rovner        Teacher Listener Jan Spitzer, NCTM

Josee Seier, Co-Chair          Marie Clark, Seung-Mee Oh, Grace Christus/Registration Table

The Master Class is always a highlight of Achievement Day. This year Dr. Grace Asquith, NCTM joined AMTA as our Master Teacher, (far left to right) , along with Gayle Khayut, Grace Christus, Thayne Larsen, and Vince McCush.  Student Alex Ulrich also participated in the Master Class.

The Master Class program included performances by:
     Alex Ulrich, student of Elana Newman, performing Moazart’s Sonata in D, K. 578, Mvt. 1
     Gayle Khayut, student of Thayne Larsen, performing Grieg’s Elfin Dance
     Vince McCush, student of Grace Christus, performing Mozart’s Sonata in C, K. 545, Mvt. 1

  Throughout the day, student Super Achievers shared performance in recitals:


The Music Jeopardy game room was well-attended, with Thayne Larsen, Gayle Larsen, and student helper Chole Tan running the show.

Students and parents enjoyed browsing through the creative and unique exhibits:

We hope to see you next fall in 2019 for another successful Achievement Day Festival!

Date:   Saturday, November 10, 2018
Location: Trinity Baptist Church     15555 E. Quincy Ave.     Aurora, CO 80015
Registration Deadline:  Friday, October, 12th AMTA meeting

Regular Achiever:
  $30/ per student of AMTA Member
                                         $35 / per students of non-AMTA Teacher 
Super Achiever:      $35/per student of AMTA Member
                                        $45/per student of non-AMTA Teacher
Non-Member Teacher Entry Fee:  $35.00 user fee per studio

Registration Instructions:
  AMTA 2018 AD Registration Instructions
Registration Form:
 AMTA 2018 AD Registration Form

Student Letter of Invitation:   AMTA Ach Day Letter of Invitation 2018
Student Scheduling:  Student Scheduling Letter 2018

AD 2018 PIANO Listening form   Listening form Completed SAMPLE
AD 2018 STRINGS Listening form
AD 2018 VOCAL Listening form
AD 2018 INSTRUMENTAL Listening form

Complete one form for each student.
Students are to bring these  forms with them to the festival.

We are fortunate to have Dr. Grace Asquith, NCTM join us on Achievement as our 2018 Master Class Teacher!
Do you have an upper level piano student who would like perform in the Master Class?  If so, please contact Uri Ayn Rovner:
AD 2018 Master Class Form Option Form

Upon completion of all Achievement Day activities, students receive a passing certificate, a written evaluation for their performance, and graded test(s) or ribbons if those options were chosen. 
Teachers are given Certificates for each student prior to Achievement Day.  It is the teacher’s responsibility to complete the certificate and insure the student brings the certificate to Achievement Day.

Students are to bring completed certificates with them to the festival.
Please do not leave your students’ certificates at the registration table for them to pick-up.

The requirements for this event are found in the Achievement Day Plan on as described in the CSMTA Achievement Day Guidelines on the CSMTA Website:
Guidelines:        CSMTA Ach Day GeneralGuidelines
These are the 2012 Comprehensive Guidelines which include testing information, options, and leveling.
 SA Guidelines: AMTA 2018 AD Super Achiever GUIDELINES
Timeline:            2018 AMTA AD Teacher Timeline   Month by Month overview to help teachers in AD preparation.
Checklist:         2018 TEACHER’S CHECKLIST
                           Helps teachers keep track of event information and guidelines. 
Worksheet:     Teacher Planning WorkSheet
                         Helps track of each student’s program plan.

Guidelines for Achievement Day Planning:
The Guidelines for Achievement Day, CSMTA Ach Day GeneralGuidelines  have been developed by the Colorado State Music Teachers Association, and have been made available to each local association to sponsor and coordinate Achievement Day within their own community. Each local MTA may add additional activities and plans.  Teachers are encouraged to request mentors, when organizing their student’s AD activities.  Questions are always welcomed by the AMTA Achievement Day Chair Cynthia Allor.  For more information, visit the CSMTA website:

Students may choose to enter Achievement Day as a member of an ensemble, rather than as a solo performer. See  AD Guidelines for Ensemble  page 5.

While attending Achievement Day, students also have the opportunity to perform in a recital, participate in the the music game room where they win prizes, observe a master class, and enjoy the display of artwork and other projects.
Piano Master Class:  Contact Uri Ayn Rovner:

Observing the Piano Master Class may be used by students as Option # 12.   Although students performing for the Master Class are piano students, students of any instrument are invited to attend.  The MC is designed to teach students in performance and technical skills while addressing the entire audience.  Students performing in the Master Class are identified ahead of time by their teacher and the AMTA Achievement Day Master Class Coordinator.  Super Achievers performing in the Master Class,  may also use their MC performance to fulfill the AMTA Super Achiever Recital requirement.  In order for students who are observing the MC to fulfill option #12, they will need to attend the MC and complete the MC Option form for credit, AD 2018 Master Class Form Option Form
Game Room:
The game room at Achievement Day is one of the most popular activities for the younger students.  Students play music jeopardy, earning points toward choosing from the many prizes.  The Game Room runs throughout the day. There are no assigned times.  Walk-ins are welcome.
Art Room:
Enjoy the many projects students have created, in the Art Room Exhibit. Projects range from written reports, to original compositions, artwork, and construction projects.  Each project receives a ribbon, and outstanding  projects receive special award ribbons.
Recital Room:
The Achievement Day Recital provides an opportunity for students to perform from memory for others as well as perform their original compositions.  Super Achievers are required to perform in one recital. Special seals are applied to any participating student’s certificate once the recital is completed.  Students and their families are expected to observe  AMTA Student Recital AudienceEtiquette & AMTA Student Recital Performance Etiquette when attending all AMTA related recitals. Recitals run all day long.

Is this your first or second time to enter students in Achievement Day? Even if it’s your tenth time, and you would like some help you in organizing your preparations for your students, feel free to contact the Achievement Day Co-Chair, Cynthia Allor.  Whether it’s completing a form or deciding on an entry level for each student, we can help.  You may also find the answers to your questions by visiting:  CSMTA AD Frequently Asked Questions .  In addition, teachers may find the Teacher Planning WorkSheet and the 2018 Teacher Timeline AD helpful.

Forms, Letters,  Guidelines:
3.  LETTER OF INVITATION: AMTA Ach Day Letter of Invitation 2018

4.  STUDENT SCHEDULING LETTER:     Student Scheduling Letter 2018
         AD 2018 PIANO Listening form

         AD 2018 VOCAL Listening form
         AD 2018 STRINGS Listening form
         AD 2018 INSTRUMENTAL Listening form
6.  MASTER CLASS C.12 OPTION  FORM:  AD Master Class Option Form
Documents found on this website are in pdf format.  If you are unable to open these files, go to the Adobe Reader website and download their free software:   Or you can always ask the AD Chair for help.

Achievement Day requires the dedicated help of many AMTA members.  Please find below several members, “caught in the act” of participating and enjoying the day.

AMTA’s Achievement Day Festival was held November 11, 2017 at Trinity Baptist Church in Aurora.
Here are some of the photos which helped to capture the day:
Achievement Day requires the help and skill of many AMTA teachers.
Here are members Thomas Hoops (left) and Thayne Larsen readying a piano for the Listening Room.  Stay Tuned!!

Scroll down to see more teachers caught in the act of helping.

1. Master Class participants included, from left to right, Master Class Teacher      Dr. Jooeun Pak, Master Class Emcee, Uri Ayn Rovner, Performer Chloe Tan, student of Grace Christus, Performer Sophie SmithGraham, student of Uri Ayn Rovner, and Performer Ana Oldham, student of Catherine Williams.

2. Jake Niblo, student of Jan Spitzer, NCTM, performs at an afternoon recital.

3. Akshati Vaishnav, student of Larisa Lewis, performs for recital audience members.

4. McKenzie Brown, piano student of Grace Christus, is caught in mid-air performing her Step Dance routine at the morning recital.

5. Various exhibits on display included projects from artwork, sculptures, construction, baked goods, compositions, written reports, and interactive projects.

6. AMTA Teacher, Thayne Larsen, supervises the Game Room where student helpers Mia and Chloe Tan help Anya Stocking, student of Josee Seier, with the Music Jeopardy game.

7.  AMTA Teachers, from left to right, Lyudmila Nabokova, Karen Pacuic, Grace Christus, Seung-Mee Oh, and student helper Jessier Eoff,  keep things running smoothly at the Registration/Super Achiever Table.

8. Talya de Paz, student of Uri Ayn Rovner, helps at the check-in table for the testing room.

9. Indispensable to the Recitals and Master Class, AMTA members Thomas Hoops and Uri Ayn Rovner find a moment to enjoy the day!

10. AMTA member Carol Condit shows some of the student projects on display in the Exhibit Area, including compositions, written reports, construction and artwork.

Thayne Larsen helps in the Game Room, while Carol Condit, Grace Christus, and Seung-Mee Oh’s daughter, Jessie Eoff, help with the Registration Desk.