Achievement Day 2018 Photos of Event

Once again, AMTA hosted their annual fall Achievement Day with numerous activities, lots of students, and plenty of teachers who helped make the event fun and festive.

Emcee Uri Ayn Rovner        Teacher Listener Jan Spitzer, NCTM

Josee Seier, Co-Chair          Marie Clark, Seung-Mee Oh, Grace Christus/Registration Table

The Master Class is always a highlight of Achievement Day. This year Dr. Grace Asquith, NCTM joined AMTA as our Master Teacher, (far left to right) , along with Gayle Khayut, Grace Christus, Thayne Larsen, and Vince McCush.  Student Alex Ulrich also participated in the Master Class.

The Master Class program included performances by:
     Alex Ulrich, student of Elana Newman, performing Moazart’s Sonata in D, K. 578, Mvt. 1
     Gayle Khayut, student of Thayne Larsen, performing Grieg’s Elfin Dance
     Vince McCush, student of Grace Christus, performing Mozart’s Sonata in C, K. 545, Mvt. 1

Throughout the day, student Super Achievers shared performance in recitals:


The Music Jeopardy game room was well-attended, with Thayne Larsen, Gayle Larsen, and student helper Chole Tan running the show.


Students and parents enjoyed browsing through the creative and unique exhibits:

We hope to see you next fall in 2019 for another successful Achievement Day Festival!