Teacher Performance Group

Charles Nemo Niemczura, Chair

Members are welcome to attend this informal group for coffee, tea, camaraderie, and musical performances.  Whether you are brushing up on old skills, want to share a great musical find, an original composition, working on a piece to get it performance-ready, or just want to come, listen, and enjoy the company of other musicians, all are welcome.
Location:     Calliope Music Studios  located at
                          2600 S. Parker Rd.  Bldg. 7 #170  Aurora, CO
Day:               Third Friday of the month, year-round
Time:              9:30 am
NEXT DATE  IS FRIDAY, October 19, 2018
There is no pressure to have anything memorized nor performance perfect.  We’ll gladly hear you play the same thing three months in a row as you prepare for a performance.  
Scroll down to see a list of our monthly performance programs.
January 2018:

AMTA members enjoy Georg Telemann’s flute duet,  “Allegro “  performed by Uri Ayn Rovner and Rachel Sheron.

Stacy Fahrion performs one of her original compositions.

Nemo performs Eden Abez’s “Nature Boy” on his tenor sax.

Uri Ayn Rovner performs Johannes Brahms, Ballade in G Minor,  Op. 118, No. 3 ; Stacy Fahrion, page turner.

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Please join us and join in the fun.