Timelines and Job Descriptions for Chairs of Student Activities
AMTA Student Activity Chairs, Job Descriptions
All Chairs and Coordinators for AMTA will respect other members by organizing activities in a professional manner.  They will work with the Treasurer to stay within the proposed budget for that activity.  When appropriate, they will work with the Newsletter Editor providing information for announcements.  They will provide the Website Editor website ready materials and information. Chairs of Student Activities will present a report to the AMTA Board and General Membership following the event which will include participating student and teacher numbers, as well as an income/expense report.  This report will be made available to the Third Vice-President for Student Activities who will keep a copy on file. 
All job descriptions attached 
AMTA Job Descriptions Chair Editor Coordinator  .

AMTA Achievement Day Chair:
The AMTA Achievement Day Chair is responsible for overseeing the organization of this CSMTA signature annual event, typically held in the fall. Because there are multiple activities included in the event, it is recommended that the Chair secure Coordinators for the different areas, working closely with them. The Chair is responsible for making sure each of these areas is covered by a Coordinator:
     AD Venue                AD Forms                  AD Registration Area     AD Testing   
     AD Listening          AD Recital Room     AD Game Room              AD Art Room
     AD Master Class     AD Registrant           AD Hospitality                AD Pianos
    AD Teacher Scheduler      AD Student Scheduler       AD Super Achievers
For more information on AD Chair:  AD Chair Job Description

AMTA Four Forms Festival (FFF) Chair:
The Four Forms Festival Chair oversees this competitive Event traditionally held in February.
     *   Secures dates and venue(s) for FFF auditions and Honors Recital.
     *   Secures judges, maintains communications, oversees their payment
     *   Sets deadline for registration and oversees scheduling of students and judges.
     *   Collects registration forms
     *   Organizes and schedules teacher jobs
     *   Determines desired number of winners
     *   Coordinate and resolves problems throughout the audition day
     *   Arranges for disbursement & reimbursement of expenses.
     *   Oversees the smooth running of the Honors Recital.
     *   Compiles summary report for AMTA body.

AMTA Composition Festival Chair:
Organizes this annual event normally held in January. 
     *   Secures date, location, and Colorado Composer who will review compositions
     *   Provides Website Editor all information and materials with copy ready
     *   Collects compositions in December and delivers to Colorado Composer
     *   Orders ribbon/medals
     *   Sets-up and takes-down event
     *   Assigns teachers jobs
     *   Creates recital program
     *   Secures written permission from parents regarding posting of student names/photos
     *   Photographs event
     *   Compiles summary report for AMTA body.
For more information on Composition Chair Festival:  Job description for AMTA Composition Festival Chair

AMTA Student Recitals Chair:
This description is pending.

AMTA Premier Performances Chair:
Organizes this formal recital which is generally held in March.
     *    Secures date and location for activity
     *    Creates website ready materials to Website Editor including date, location, guidelines, Chair, and registration form
     *    Sends PP announcement information to Arpeggio Editor in January and February including recital date, registration deadline, and any changes to information
     *    Coordinates registration entries
     *    Orders medals
     *    Creates program
     *    Coordinates Set-Up and Take-down of venue
     *    Assigns jobs to participating Teachers
     *    Compiles summary report for AMTA body.
For more information on Premier Performances Chair: Premier Performances Chair job description

 AMTA Adult Potluck Chair:
This event is designed with the adult student in mind, and is generally held two times a year.
*   Secures dates and location for activity
     *  Provides information and website-ready materials (flyers) to Website Editor and Newsletter Editor
     * Coordinates entries with participating teachers
     *  Coordinates Set-Up and Take-down of event including supplies and decorations
     *  Assigns Teachers jobs
     *  Coordinates gift certificate drawing
     *  MC’s event
     *  Compiles summary report for AMTA body.
For more information on the Adult Potluck Chair:  Adult Potluck job description

 Timelines and Job Descriptions for Coordinators and Editors:
AMTA Editors & Coordinator Descriptions
All AMTA Editors and Coordinators will respect other members by organizing activities in a professional manner.  They will work with the Treasurer to stay within the proposed budget for that project.  When appropriate, they will work with the Newsletter Editor providing information for announcements.  They will provide the Website Editor website ready materials and information. Reports will be given as requested.

 AMTA Membership Directory Editor:
The job of the Directory Editor shall be to design & distribute an AMTA directory to AMTA members and public school music directors. The Directory Editor shall confirm and provide current website information for members who wish to be listed on the website. The Directory Editor will provide updates to members via email, and notification in the AMTA newsletters. The Editor will work closely with the Second-Vice President for Membership to obtain current information. The Directory Editor will work within the proposed budget for that fiscal year. The Editor will keep a notebook of current information-release statements provided in writing from members.

AMTA Website Editor:
The AMTA Website Editor will design and update the AMTA website in a timely and professional manner. The Editor will not publish names and information of students or members, unless specific permission has been provided in writing. The website will be in line with the MTNA and CSMTA websites. The Website Editor will work within proposed budget expenditures.

AMTA Newsletter Editor:
The job of the Newsletter Editor shall be to design & distribute a monthly newsletter to members, for the months of September through May. The Newsletter Editor is responsible for the accuracy of information provided, the timeliness of distribution, and the professional representation of AMTA. The Editor will make newsletters available in forms suitable for all members and will provide the newsletters in a form suitable for posting on the AMTA website. 
AMTA Arpeggios Newsletter Editor Job Description

AMTA Teacher Performance Group Coordinator:
AMTA members and guests are invited once a month to attend the performance group, whether to perform or listen.  Groups generally meet once a month on the third Friday.
     * Send out e-mail notifications monthly to everyone in the AMTA of the time, date & location of Performance group
     * Secure written permission from performers to post their names in the program, to the website
     * Attend the monthly meeting at Calliope 9:30 every third Friday
     * Start the meeting, organize the players & close the meeting
     * Create a website ready programs listing list performers, selection titles, & composers
     * Document the program & send to Website Editor for posting on AMTA website

AMTA Monthly Meeting Hospitality Coordinator:
Organizes the coordination of refreshments for each monthly meeting by securing members to bring refreshments and keeping the supply box filled and delivering it to the meetings.
     * Secures members to bring refreshments.
     * Brings designated refreshment box to each meeting; maintains hospitality supplies
      * Purchases needed supplies and turns in reimbursement form to Treasurer to be paid
      * Arranges refreshments for first meeting in September by calling 2 volunteers in August to bring refreshments to 1st meeting.
      * Arrives a half hour before meeting time to set up snack table with coffee accessories, napkins, cups, tea and hot water and to make coffee.  
       * Passes around a refreshment sign up sheet at September meeting requesting volunteers to  choose a month to volunteer to bring finger food snacks to meetings.  December and May meetings may not need refreshments.
        * Remind volunteers one week prior to meeting by calling or emailing them
        * During the business meeting, thanks those who provided refreshments for the meeting and reminds volunteers for the next meeting.
        *  At end of the meeting, re-packs hospitality box, cleans up food table completely, and brings hospitality supplies home for next meeting.

AMTA First Vice-President for Monthly Programs:
1) Research, find, and schedule individuals or small groups to present information, workshops, master classes or performances to our group for approximately 40 minutes each meeting. Schedule all programs prior to July 1 in the summer before the fiscal year begins for AMTA (fall). Send the schedule to the President for forwarding to CSMTA & MTNA. The scheduling form is available on the MTNA website. Find a catchy title for each program if the presenter(s) have not offered one. Announce each program during the meeting the month before.

2) Offer the presenter(s) our stipend for doing the program. Check with treasurer for annual budget. If presenter(s) is from within our group, a small token of gratitude is all that is given. Request the check from the treasurer before the meeting and pay the presenter(s) that day. Also take the presenter(s) to lunch with any members who wish to join you from the group. Keep all receipts and request reimbursement from the treasurer for the presenter(s)’s lunch.

3) Keep in contact with the presenter(s) for each program. Connect with them the month prior to their presentation, give directions to the meeting, presentation time, ask the presenter(s) if they wish to join the group for lunch, and ask to make copies and to supply equipment as necessary. (i.e. Projector for Power Point presentations, Grand piano, dry erase board) Be sure to request projector and other equipment as early as possible for the date needed. Request a short bio from the presenter(s) and place an announcement in the newsletter at least a month in advance letting the group know what they will be attending.

4) Host the program: Watch for the presenter(s) during the meeting and introducing yourself to welcome them when they arrive. After break, gather the group together by announcing that it is time to begin. Introduce the presenter(s), giving the group the information from the bio. Thank the presenter(s) after the program and give them the paycheck. Take them to lunch.

5) Check with group in the beginning of the year to see if they wish to present a performance for one of the months as a group. December is the annual Christmas potluck when we play and sing for one another — no presenter. May is our annual luncheon and meeting to bring in the new officers — no presenter. Find and book the restaurant for the May luncheon.