Active membership in AMTA is available to individuals who are involved professionally in the music industry.  When joining AMTA, you will also be joining the National- MTNA, and the Colorado State-CSMTA, Associations as well.  

To become a new member, you may either use:
       HARD COPY:  print out and complete this application,
MTNA MembershipApplication 2018-2019
       OR, GO ONLINE: 
at the MTNA website

If using a hard copy application be sure to fill in “Aurora MTA” as the Local Association.  Currently, AMTA membership dues $25.00.

To join online simply follow these steps:
     1.  Click on this link to the Music Teachers National Association MTNA then…
 2.  Click on
Join and Renew .  
     3. Be sure to enter CSMTA and AMTA as your state and local affiliates

Once your form has been successfully processed, you will receive notification from MTNA with your membership number.  You will also receive notification from AMTA .

 Ten Great Reasons to Join AMTA
                1.  Grow through inspiration and education via the monthly
                             Teacher Enrichment Programs

                 2.  Network with colleagues in your community.

                  3.  Challenge your students with performance activities such as    
                        Achievement Day,   Four Forms Festival, 
Festival, Premiere Performances, and           
                        Student Recitals.

                  4.  Enjoy the camaraderie with experienced and new teachers alike.
                   5.  Perform at the monthly Teacher Performance Group.
                   6.  Help your students apply for financial scholarship awards to
                         attend music camps and workshops, university tuition/books, or
                         assistance in attending state and national competitions.
                   7.  Advocate for music in your community.
                   8.  Find support and guidance in becoming a nationally certified
                         teacher of music ,NCTM.
                   9.  Participate in state activities sponsored by CSMTA such as their
                         annual state conference in June, the student concerto competition,
                        Student Theory Activity, STA,  and  Rising Stars Festival, the
                        Professional Reading Enrichment Program PREP, and much more.
                 10.  Enjoy many benefits at the national level with MTNA.  Whether
                        you are a seasoned professional or new teacher, membership in
                        Music Teachers National Association can complement your
                        professional life.  Since 1876, MTNA has been the undisputed
                        leader in empowering the music-teaching professional.  As an
                       MTNA member, you will associate with the very best in the
                        profession from throughout the United States, and you will have
                        access to many networking, leadership, mentoring and educational
                        opportunities.  MTNA also provides programs for students of all
                        ages and levels of ability—the budding young artist, the “everyday”
                        student or an older “recreational” music maker. 

MTNA  Membership Benefits include:

    • MTNA National Conference
    • American Music Teacher and the MTNA e-Journal—The peer-reviewed journals of MTNA
    • MTNA National Competitions—The preeminent student competitions in the United States
    • MTNA Certification Program—Information on becoming a Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
    • MTNA Foundation Fund—Find out about grants and awards MTNA provides for teachers and students
    • Professional Support Line—Ask an MTNA expert your questions about music teaching or studio issues
    • Member Insurance Programs—Find out about the insurance services available only to MTNA members
    • Legal Consultation Services—Free legal consultation about issues members face as music teachers
    • Merchant Services—Enables members to accept credit cards as payment